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Best and most versatile Standing desk Anti Fatigue Mat

Anti-Fatigue Mat


An active body calls for happy feet. Give your feet the movement they deserve.

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Size: 49 – 64 cm

Beautiful Balance board for your standing desk

Tic Toc Balance Board


The Tic Toc Stand balance board moves with you while standing.

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Size: 25 – 29 cm

Standing desk laptop and monitor stand



Creating a beautiful ergonomic setup for your StandUp.

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Surface: 30 x 20 cm
Add-on's height: 22cm

Best monitor arms for your desk; sleek monitor arms; monitor arms for stranding desks

Jarvis Monitor Arms


Transform your Jarvis standing desk into the ergonomic powerhouse you've always dreamt off.

Ships next business day

Build in cable management
Height range: 33,5 cm

Side file storer for under your standing desk



Perfect partner to store your files and clutter.

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Three locking drawers
Colours: Black and White

Standing meeting table

Lumen LED Lamp


Warm. Cold. Soft. Harsh. Kind. Low. Bold. Blue. USB Charger. One LED lamp!

Currently out of stock

Light color: 5 temp.
Brightness: 7 levels

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