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Why Office

Why Office

Sitting all day reduces our productivity and makes us sick. Jaswigs goal is to make people move more while working. We do that by implementing standing solutions. If you want standing desks that will be used by your employees, drop us a line.

If you want to get some insights on your own sitting habits, take this 2 minute sitting questionnaire.

Also have a look on our page about the Jaswig TestCube. By setting up this test you can figure out if your company is ready for implementation. This way no major investments have to be done upfront.



Joris Trog

The Jaswig TestCube created a flexible and beautiful place to strech our legs and work upright from time to time. People did all sorts of things at the desks. They were truly multifunctional!


Tanja De Greve

We conducted a survey from our staff during the test. It was so interesting to see how people had perceived this test. They really liked the product. They valued its flexibility and loved to use it from time to time.


Alain Linard

Jaswig allows us to create a flexible and more productive working environment, at a reduced cost! Their standing desks simply matched our employee philosophy!

Design Standing Desks

Wooden Standing desk; Cheap standing desk, Beautiful home office and office standing desk

StandUp Nomad 2.0


Beautifully and simply designed to make you move. Stand in style!

Ships next business day

Height ranges: 93 – 122 cm
Desktop size: 55 x 83 cm

Beautiful electric standing desk. Best standing desk. Sharply priced standing desk. Easy to install and really durable standing desk.



Probably the best electric standing desk in the world. Spacious, sustainable and versatile.

Ships next business day

Height ranges: 59 – 124 cm
Desktop size: Multiple sizes

Standing desk converter; Best standing desk converter; easy adjustable in height spacious and beautiful standing desk converter



Transforms what you already have and love into a standing revelation.

Ships next business day

Height ranges: 15,9 – 56 cm
Desktop size: 50 x 90 cm

Best electric standing desk frame. Stable versatile and beautiful standing desk frame.

Jarvis Frame


Versatile, stable and beautiful electric standing desk frame.

Ships next business day

Height ranges: 59 – 124 cm

Standing meeting table. Standup meetings.


€1950 VAT excl

The most beautiful product to make your meetings more productive, efficient and creative!

Ships next business day

Dimensions: 210 x 110 cm
Height: 111 cm
Ideal for 6 to 8 people

Children standing desk; children standup desk

My First StandUp


This cute desk is your kids’ buddy for play or homework. After outgrowing you get a € 100 discount for a StandUp Nomad.

Currently out of stock

Height ranges: 69 - 89 cm
Desktop size: 45 x 58 cm

Jaswig's Active Seating

HAG Capisco standing desk chair, high end companion for your standing desk set up.



Fully cushioned chair that makes you move. Scandinavian design and quality.

Ships next business day

Height ranges: 55 – 78 cm
Seating size: 49 x 39 cm

Capisco Puls standing desk chair, perfect companion for your standing desk set up.

Capisco Puls


A chair that makes you move. Scandinavian design and quality.

Ships next business day

Height ranges: 55 – 78 cm
Seating size: 46 x 47 cm

Erngonomic stool; Rocking chair; stool for standing desk; Rocking and active seating chair tic toc

Tic Toc


Designed to encourage your body’s natural posture, rhythm and need for movement.

Ships next business day

Height ranges: 41 – 60 cm
Seating size: 29 x 32 cm

Jaswig's Move More Accessories

Best and most versatile Standing desk Anti Fatigue Mat

Anti-Fatigue Mat


An active body calls for happy feet. Give your feet the movement they deserve.

Ships next business day

Size: 49 – 64 cm

Beautiful Balance board for your standing desk

Tic Toc Balance Board


The Tic Toc Stand balance board moves with you while standing.

Ships next business day

Size: 25 – 29 cm

Standing desk laptop and monitor stand



Creating a beautiful ergonomic setup for your StandUp.

Ships next business day

Surface: 30 x 20 cm
Add-on's height: 22cm

Best monitor arms for your desk; sleek monitor arms; monitor arms for stranding desks

Monitor Arms


Transform your desk into the ergonomic powerhouse you've always dreamt off.

Ships next business day

Build in cable management
Height range: 33,5 cm

Side file storer for under your standing desk



Perfect partner to store your files and clutter.

Ships next business day

Three locking drawers
Colours: Black and White

Standing meeting table

Lumen LED Lamp


Warm. Cold. Soft. Harsh. Kind. Low. Bold. Blue. USB Charger. One LED lamp!

Ships next business day

Light color: 5 temp.
Brightness: 7 levels

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