Via our 1% for the planet donations to Natuurpunt we are transforming 3 ha of agricultural land into native woodlands.

Making it concrete

This is the land that was partly bought with the money that Jaswig has donated to Natuurpunt, in total 3 ha!

Land bought with donations of Jaswig

Diversity and Nature’s Services

In nature, diversity is everything. It keeps the ecosystem alive and healthy. But for a healthy balance to be possible we have to create enough space around us where nature can flourish.

You may ask yourself why is this necessary and important for us human beings (next to the wonderful times we can have in nature)? Because nature provides us with a lot of valuable services:

  • Production of food
  • Purification of air
  • Purification of water
  • Flood control and mitigation
  • Pollination
  • Etc…

But what do we constantly hear around us. Messages like: the amounts of insects are decreasing rapidly. And this is worrisome as they play a vital role in the complex system nature is. Loosing could mean huge costs for our societies. This is why we think it is so important for our company to contribute to nature. It is our tax we pay to the environment.

Jaswig Action

On the 26th of November we all joined a tree-panting day. The goal of that day was simple: plant 5000 new trees. During that day we’ve also put the symbolic spade in the ground on the piece of land we (you) helped to acquire. In the coming months similar tree planting actions will be organised on this land as well. Here are some nice pictures of us planting trees and the environment!

Environmental actions of jaswig Trees that were planted already during the day Jaswig team ready to plant some trees

Thank you

We are really excited about this and would love to thank all our customers for making this happen. I mean we can’t be happier, we try to create healthy and inspiring working places where in which the world of tomorrow is created while in the meanwhile investing part of our revenue in restoration of the natural lands all around us. Let’s hope we can keep working towards this vision!